Let’s Work Together

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ZRK Group has embarked on a novel initiative to bring sustainability and agro-forestry to the forefront. Pakistan is a forest poor country with only 5.7% of the area with forests which is why agro-forestry is an essential part of the forest industry as it enables sustainable agriculture income and purposeful production. It not only helps sustain and uplift the livelihood of our rural agro-economy but also helps the balance of trade by reducing the need for imports to cater to the needs in particle board manufacturing.
To highlight the importance of agro-forestry in Pakistan and the role ZRK Group is playing in preserving natural forests and growing Pakistan’s Green footprint, We at ZRK Group have partnered in a study conducted by the WWF that gives important insights on the opportunities for farmers, growth in the economy and sustainably catering to the needs of wood-based manufacturing industry in Pakistan.